2011 BMW 328i Sedan - $12995.00

2011 BMW 328i Sedan - $12995.00
2011 BMW 328i Sedan - $12995.00 2011 BMW 328i Sedan - $12995.00 2011 BMW 328i Sedan - $12995.00 2011 BMW 328i Sedan - $12995.00 2011 BMW 328i Sedan - $12995.00 2011 BMW 328i Sedan - $12995.00 2011 BMW 328i Sedan - $12995.00 2011 BMW 328i Sedan - $12995.00 2011 BMW 328i Sedan - $12995.00 2011 BMW 328i Sedan - $12995.00 2011 BMW 328i Sedan - $12995.00 2011 BMW 328i Sedan - $12995.00
Brand: BMW
Product Code: 2011 BMW 328i Sedan
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2011 BMW 328i Sedan Premium Package

Automatic Transmission
6 Cylinder, 3.0L Engine

Power Windows and Locks
Power Seats
MP3 Player
Parking Sensors
Dual / Side / Front and Rear Head Curtain Airbags
Leather Interior
Alloy Wheels

72,918 Miles

*Trade-ins Welcome!

*Financing Available!
Guaranteed Credit Approval Through National Lenders - Bad Credit or No Credit!
UP to 57 Months / 57,000 Miles Warranty with Credit Acceptance Financing!
Down Payments as low as $1000.00
Monthly Payments as low as $150.00

*Comprehensive Warranty Plans Available Up to 6 years From ASC or WYNNS

*****Please Call (808) 847-4101 or (808) 371-4127*****

Hours of Operation:
Sunday - CLOSED
Monday 10am - 7pm
Tuesday 10am - 7pm
Wednesday 10am - 7pm
Thursday 10am - 7pm
Friday 10am - 7pm
Saturday 10am - 5pm

***We GUARANTEE this 2011 BMW 328i Sedan Mechanically REGARDLESS OF NEGOTIATED PRICE for the First 3 Months or 3000 Miles! Buy with CONFIDENCE and Never Get Stuck With a Lemon or More Costs! See Below For Coverage Details***

ENGINE: Crankshaft, Bearings, Oil Pump, Piston and Rings, Rods, Timing Chain or Belt, Balance
Shafts, Camshaft, Push Rods, Rocker Arms, Rocker Arm Shaft and Hydraulic Lifters
Intake and Exhaust Valves, Valve Springs, Cylinder Head Gaskets

TRANSMISSION: Gears, Input and Output Shafts, Front Pump, Planetary Assembly, Sprags, Governor Assembly, Valve Body, Torque Convertor, Transmission Case, Overdrive Carrier, Reaction Carrier Center Support, Parking Lock Actuator, Stator and Stator Shaft, Separator Plate, Pressure
Regulator Valve

DRIVE AXLE ASSEMBLY: Drive Shaft, Ring and Pinion Gears, Pinion Bearings, Side Carrier Bearings, Carrier Assembly, Thrust Washers, Axle, Axle Bearings, Limited Slip Clutch Pack Assembly, Universal and CV Joints

AIR CONDITIONING: Compressor, Clutch and Coil Assembly, Evaporator, Accumulator, Condenser
Evacuation and Recharge

COOLING: Radiator, Fan Clutch, Water Pump and Cooling Fan Motor 

FRONT SUSPENSION: Upper and Lower Control Arms / Ball Joints, Steering Knuckle, Wheel Bearings, Control Arm Shaft and Bushings

STEERING: Power Steering Pump, Electronic Steering Motor, Steering Gear Housing

BRAKES: Master Cylinder, ABS Master Cylinder, Vacuum Booster, Wheel Cylinders, Disc Brake
Calipers, Hydraulic Lines and Fittings 

FUEL DELIVERY: Fuel Pump, Fuel Sending Unit, Fuel Tank, Fuel Injectors and Metal Fuel Lines

ELECTRICAL: Battery, Engine Operation Computer, Voltage Regulator, Alternator, Wiper Motors
Wiper Module, Window Motors, Seat Motors, Ignition Module, Ignition Coil, Distributor
Starter, Starter Solenoid, Door Lock Actuators


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